Caring For Pool Cues And Cases

taking care of pool cues

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional league player or simply a pool enthusiast. You want to make sure that your pool cues are properly maintained and are always in tip-top shape for the next game.   

You know your pool cues are in good condition when they slide through your fingers effortlessly even if you are not wearing gloves. If they don’t, then they probably need some cleaning. Cleaning them, however, doesn’t sound as easy as it does since one cannot simply use any wiping cloth and liquid – especially not water. Below are three important things to keep in mind if you want to make sure that your pool cues remain in top condition for a very long time.


Not all cues are created equal. Some are made of wood while others are fiberglass coated. Regardless, of the material, pool cues must never be cleaned with water. Experts recommend using a No. 600 sandpaper or a white scotch bright pad to wipe away dirt and grime from the cue shaft, but you can also visit pool cue stores to find the perfect cleaning cloth for cues. Liquid cleaning solutions are also available in most pool cues and accessories store. Make sure to check the label and choose those that do not contain water, alcohol or any similar substances that may damage the material and cause warping.

After removing surface dirt and grime, the pool shaft needs to be polished. You can check the stores for pool cue polish and conditioner for wooden or fiberglass coated cues.

You cannot afford to not pay attention to the most important part of the cue – the tip. The shape of the tip, as well as its ability to retain chalk, is a crucial factor in winning a game. You will never have that perfect sight of the ball in relation to your cue tip if the tip is out of shape. Tip shapers are one of the tools you can’t afford to miss in your toolbox.

You might also want to get a tool that can roughen the tip of your cue for better chalk retention.


Another important thing to consider is transporting your prized pool cues. You can’t simply throw them into the back seat of your car or shove them into the trunk! You have invested in your cues and you want to have them with you for a long time, so if this is what you intend to do it is wise if they are kept in a protective casing as they travel along with you to league night or a casual Friday night out with friends. Without a case or any protective covering, your cues can get into contact with hard objects or surfaces that may cause dents and scratches on the shaft or damage the tip. Dents can get very annoying as you play and cause you to lose focus.


Regardless of whether you go out to play several times a week or a few times a month, you can’t simply store your cues anywhere in the house in any position. Ideally, pool cues must be kept vertically in cue cases in a safe corner away from a possible collision with other objects.

Pool cue cases can vary in size and capacity, color and degree of protection offered. Soft cases provide minimum protection while hard cases give maximum protection and are ideal if you are traveling long distances with several pool cues. If you are after quality and affordability, look for Action Pool Cue Cases. Not only are they the preferred choice of professional players all over the world, they are the official billiards case of the American Pool Players Association.

Quality pool cue cases help you keep your cues in perfect condition for a very long time so it’s also important that you take good care of your cue cases. Just because it’s durable doesn’t mean you can throw it around or stack other objects on top of it in your trunk. Take good care of your pool cue cases and they will take good care of your cues.

by: Lorenza